About lacrosse

Indian roots.

Lacrosse is considered the oldest national American sport. Its history is connected with Indian tradition. Early lacrosse was characterized by deep spiritual involvement, befitting the spirit of combat in which it was undertaken. Whole tribes participated in "the Creator's game" which could last even several days on a field many miles in length and width. The game was very brutal so that it could develop strong, virile men and prepare them for war. The most organized form of lacrosse was played by the Iroquois.


Road to Europe

First Europeans that saw Indians playing "the Creator's game" were French. They called it lacrosse because of the similarity of the stick used to play the game to a staff carried by bishops - crossier. In the 1636 French missionary Jean de Brébeuf saw Iroquois playing lacroose and  was the first European to write about the game. During the next ages lacrosse evolved but it was still hard to refer to it as to sport discipline. In the 1844 in Montreal the first lacrosse club was set up. Twelve years later a dentist, George Beers, from Montreal Lacrosse Club codified the game. Thanks to that he is called "the father of lacrosse". The first European country that adopted lacrosse was England. It was thanks to Caughnawaga Indians who performed in front of the English queen Victoria. In 1892 English Lacrosse Union was set up.


Lacrosse around the world


Lacrosse was introduced to the world thanks to the Olympics in St. Louis in 1904 and London in 1908. Teams from Canada, England and United States were competing for the golden medals, which were finally given to Canada. After the Olympics in London lacrosse was no longer an olympic discipline. But it didn't stop to develop. In 1931 thanks to Constance M. K. Applebee Women's Lacrosse Federation was created in States. Since 1967 Federation of International Lacrosse is organizing Lacrosse World Championships. The first golden medals went to the United States. Current champion of the world is team Canada, which in 2006 in London won with States 15:10.


What about the future?


There is no doubt that the homeland of lacrosse is North America. It's not only due to origin of lacrosse but also due to the popularity of this sport acrosse the ocean and the domination of Canada and States in International games. However it doesn't mean that Europe is far away. In many European countries (i.e. England, Germany or Czech Republic) there are strong lacrosse leagues which can be compared the the American leagues like Major Lacrosse League or National Lacrosse League. In other countries (including Poland) lacrosse is just starting to gain popularity but it does it very fast (it is said that it is the fastest developing sport in the world!). What will the future bring? The time will show. Nevertheless Hussars are in! How about you?